We are looking for a teammate who understands that DevOps isn’t just maintenance, automation, security, and quality assurance. You know the importance of a broader picture: developing procedures and the ways of thinking in the whole organization. Actually, when you think about it, you strive to make yourself quite redundant.

You like to test out the newest and coolest OSS and why not proprietary tools out there. Besides doing the obvious Site Reliability Engineering stuff, you’ll most likely be doing a little backend coding. From the technological side you would probably be working with Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, Continuous-Integration, Continuous-Deployment, Git etc.

This is us

  • We're a group of 80 coders, designers, and scrum masters.

  • We have offices in Helsinki and Turku.

  • We do web software projects and build high quality digital services.

  • All projects are executed in close collaboration with the customer.

  • We believe in learning, experimenting and understanding.

  • We believe in people and teamwork.

  • We believe in you.

Looking good so far? Drop us an application! Before making any further decisions, you can meet Pasi, our COO, and one of your potential future colleagues at the technical interview. You definitely don’t need to know everything about OOTB, but we will probably have you draw and explain microservice architecture patterns - just to give you a heads up.

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