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Building blocks of our culture

Our culture is as unique as our people. Here are the most important building blocks of our culture.

Diversity & Equality

Equality and inclusion are very important values to our people. We have formed an Equality and Non-Discrimination Team, which consists of people from diverse backgrounds who regularly meet to discuss and plan actions to support these values in our culture.

Trust & Respect

We trust and respect each other. We take our customers’ challenges as our own and even when it's hard, we commit to finding the solutions.


We are driven by growth; personally and as a professional community. The end result of this is a growing business and Houston Inc.

Good Time

It's not only work that matters. Every day in our life is precious and should be spent with tasks and people who inspire us. We know how to have fun, too.

Working & thriving with perks

We're proud to offer perks that help you to feel and do your best. Access a range of benefits, resources, and expert guidance to help you prioritize your well-being, so you can thrive with a healthy body and mind.

For your well-being

  • Hintsa Performance 7 months personal coaching
  • Culture & exercise vouchers (400€ / year)
  • Discount on massage services + a massage chair at the Helsinki office
  • Bike benefit
  • Team events
  • Extensive occupational healthcare and leisure time insurance
  • Lunch benefit on top of your salary
  • Flexibility and remote work days
  • Childminder service for a sick child
  • Drinks, snacks and games at the office

For your MadSkillz

  • Working equipment of your choice
  • 2 hours for your personal projects every week
  • Project rotation
  • Coaching
  • 8 self-study days per year
  • In-house training sessions
  • Help from other Houstonians
  • Mentoring

Our values

Our everyday interactions are always based on our values: empathy, professionalism, trust and respect. This is what Houstonians have to say about them:


Empathy is one of the key elements in helping teams grow and build trust. We also need empathy to build trust with the client and to understand how we can best help the users to solve their problems.


Being a trustworthy and professional partner for our clients is at the core of everything we do. Skills, good judgment, and polite behavior are expected from all Houstonians.


We usually work in teams and having a good, solid team whose members trust one another gives strength to solve all the troubles that come along. There is no real respect without trust. We believe we all do the best choices we can under any given circumstances.


There's always a story behind everyone and everything. Being respectful towards the solutions and the people behind them does not take anything away from you, but it’s a great help in building understanding and trust.

Our recruitment process

Here's an example of our typical recruitment process.

You apply for the job

Review of applications

Chat with our Talent & People Specialist

Chat with our COO

Paircoding challenge - meet potential colleague

Final chat about salary & role

Welcome to the team!

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