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Houston Inc. about us

Who we really are

We design and build custom-made digital services to solve specific business problems with agile ways of working. We don't do it because it's easy. We do it because it's hard.

Houston.Inc. was founded in 2003 by our Chairman on board Tomi Ruotimo. Back then, Houston was just a small bunch of developers working hard for a customer. But Houston, like many great things, was created with passion. Houstonians knew they were on to something significant that would help change the digital world.

Time passed, new customers and fascinating projects came along, and the company began to grow. So began the transition from a small group of people to a big bunch of world-class software professionals dedicated to building outstanding digital services.

Today we are a group of about 90 qualified and enthusiastic software professionals. We have a big office in Helsinki for our growing business, and our Turku office opened in 2017.

The next generation of Houstonians has begun to take shape, and we want to foster Houston's "people first" culture. We choose our employees carefully, one at a time. Every Houstonian is different, and each individual is respected for who they are.

"Our partnership with Houston has broadened and deepened over the years. The active and hands-on approach we’ve taken allows us to plan ahead, and Houston offers expertise that’s relevant to us on a number of different levels."
Jani Heinola
Planning & Strategy at Digital Channels, Telia Finland

Founded in Helsinki

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Daniel Guillou, CEO, Houston Inc.
"Constant ever-increasing change is the new norm in the current business landscape. With our Houstonian culture and the whole Houstonian team striving towards our common goals, I see a very positive and interesting future for us. And remember, we don’t do it because it’s easy, but because it’s hard."
Daniel Guillou

Our values

Our everyday interactions are always based on our values: empathy, professionalism, trust and respect. This is what Houstonians have to say about them:


Empathy is one of the key elements in helping teams grow and build trust. We also need empathy to build trust with the client and to understand how we can best help the users to solve their problems.


Being a trustworthy and professional partner for our clients is at the core of everything we do. Skills, good judgment, and polite behavior are expected from all Houstonians.


We usually work in teams and having a good, solid team whose members trust one another gives strength to solve all the troubles that come along. There is no real respect without trust. We believe we all do the best choices we can under any given circumstances.


There's always a story behind everyone and everything. Being respectful towards the solutions and the people behind them does not take anything away from you, but it’s a great help in building understanding and trust.