Houston Inc.'s new clothes and enlightened thoughts

This year we clarified our corporate identity and renewed our brand. In our brand renewal, we sought to preserve the good existing part while bringing in the new and forward-thinking.

At Houston, we've gone through quite a change over the past year regarding clarifying our corporate identity and rebranding. The need for a brand refresh has come with a more holistic transformation journey that began at Houston Inc. a couple of years ago. The resulting identity - which emphasises working together, professionalism, respect, mutual trust, and empathy - has also needed a new look and feel.

The journey to a new brand has not been entirely painless, and it rarely is in such comprehensive renewals: when something so dear and familiar changes shape into something totally new and unfamiliar. The new brand was being worked on by a brand team of 12 volunteers from Houston. I'm really pleased and honored that such a diverse range of people from different parts of the organisation were interested in the rebranding. Thank you for that, wonderful Houstonians!

Sherpa carried us to the finish line

The rebuilding began with the selection of a partner. After extensive meetings and scoring by the entire team, the choice of partner was obvious. The unanimous choice was creative agency Sherpa, into whose hands we entrusted our beloved Houston Inc. for the redesign. The choice proved to be an excellent one.

Sherpa exceeded our expectations, both in terms of the implementation of the redesign and the result. They also walked the talk and were close to us all through the process, for which we salute them. As a customer experience professional myself, the sense of caring was sincerely present throughout - we were not just a customer but a partner, and shared success was sought.

Because it's hard

Our new brand is based on the iconic speech given by John F. Kennedy in Houston in 1962:

"We choose to go to the Moon this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard."

This perspective carries us Houstonians now and into the future, as it speaks about the challenges of our industry, the way we operate as a company, and the passion Houstonians share with our customers.

In our discussions, many companies have pointed out that digitalisation and the use of technology in a business-oriented way are far from easy. This is precisely why we at Houston Inc. have chosen the path we believe will create the most value for our customers. Our passion is to build solutions providing the highest value for our customers' businesses by smartly leveraging technology and solving the most complex technology challenges.

Houston Inc. does the harder things, goes the most valuable path, not the easiest one. We don't do it because it's easy, we do it Because it's hard.

Minna RuusuvuoriChief Sales & Marketing Officer