Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Customer identity and access management (CIAM)

In a digital world, services are moving online and the whole world is your customer base, regardless of location or channel. 

Those who can meet growing customer demands in a more personalized, seamless, secure, and faster way will succeed. In the future, a seamless and personalized digital customer experience will no longer be a competitive advantage, but mandatory for businesses to survive.

What does customer identity and access management enable?

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) enables a personalized customer experience, securely and seamlessly across devices and channels. 

To serve customers as well as possible, you need to identify and get to know them. At the same time, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes the management of data security, data collection, and analysis even more critical. There are examples of how poor data security can lead to a serious crisis or even bankruptcy.

Technology alone does not work wonders. Before making decisions, it is therefore essential to understand what CIAM enables and what it requires from existing infrastructure to serve you best.

Identity and access management enables:

  • A personalized customer experience without disruption

  • Secure transactions and abuse prevention

  • Password-free login with a single sign-on: no customer abandonment due to a forgotten password

  • Customer-centric business development

  • Customer authentication across devices and channels

  • Secure data collection and analysis

  • Reputation management by minimizing security risks

We manage the technology so you can focus on your core business.

Auth0's ready-to-use identity platform enables fast and seamless deployment and saves you significant money compared to developing a platform from scratch. Fully customizable and extensible interface components allow integration with any enterprise system and third-party service.

Recognition is not a way to do business, but it is a reason to abandon the service.
-Simo Syrjänen, CTO, Alma Media

Auth0 benefits

Wonderful and safe

User experience and safety first

Transition without disruption

Switching to Auth0 does not involve losing usernames or resetting passwords

Quick deployment

Low-code platform dramatically reduces time to market

Cost advantage

Auth0 partner prices allow for an competitive cost structure

Our survey dives deep into the importance of a smooth and secure login experience for the customer experience

We investigated what are the key factors for a successful digital customer experience in Finland.
The results of the study reveal the digital pitfalls of online services and the key factors for a successful online customer experience. What do you need to create a successful digital customer experience?

To reap the benefits of the study in your own business, download the e-book State of Login Experiences in Finland 2022 on the results of the study.

Download the State of Login Experiences in Finland 2022 research report (PDF in Finnish)

Download ebook
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"Houston has extensive hands-on experience in building CIAM solutions in multi-brand media business environments." - Simo Syrjänen, CTO, Alma Media

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