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When malfunctioning, business-critical IT systems can cause extreme revenue losses and bad reputation.

Houston Care is an IT maintenance service that ensures your IT system is up and running, continuously monitored, developed, and improved. Consider it as insurance that brings you peace of mind.

From the initial project to Houston Care

Software development doesn’t end in project delivery but requires continuous development and updates in order to avoid technical debt and dysfunctioning service. Houston Care is a natural step after the project has been delivered and customer can leave the IT system under our wings. 

Imagine you had a service that brought you reliability, security, expertise, and assurance, and you would no longer need to worry about your system updates and functioning. Houston Care does just that.

Main functions

Houston Care is both proactive and reactive. The IT service maintenance ensures we respond to incidents and monitor the system so that there wouldn’t be incidents in the first place. The other track is that we further develop and improve the system. If a customer requests a new feature, we know their system and have the expertise to build it.

Houston Care benefits

Cost & resource optimization

Frees up your resources and time to focus on your core business.

Performance improvement

Takes care of your software, infrastructure and cloud services as a whole.

Flexibility & scalability

The service is easily scalable according to future business and maintenance needs.

Lifecycle management

Ensures that your services perform as planned throughout their lifecycle.

What's included?

Service level agreement up to 24/7 support

Service Desk

Automatic monitoring

Managed cloud & software

Version control

Tickets & documentation

Contact us

Tomi Ruotimo

Chairman of the Board+358 40 544 3972tomi.ruotimo@houston-inc.com