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Case Väre: Väppi Energy Coach

What if we said you could spend less money and take care of our planet by simply using an app? Well, Väppi offers you just that. And more.

We need electricity for everything: it keeps us warm, it gets our work done, it cooks our food, and keeps us connected with each other. What we don’t want is to pay anything extra for it. Or, with our ever-increasing ecological awareness, to build up huge emissions when producing it. It’s not easy to come up with ways to make our electricity use smarter.

That’s where we come in. “Houston’s cutting-edge software development has always worked well with the energy industry,” says our Service Design Lead Lasse Linna. “Our latest creation is Väppi, a personal energy coach guiding you towards more intelligent use of electricity.”

Väppi increases people’s ecological awareness with the help of utility data, analytics, and IoT. At the heart of it is the customer portal, a web service, and a native application for both iOS and Android.

Ecological trendsetter

Väppi is brought to you by Väre, a new company established by Savon Voima and three other Finnish energy companies. “Väre is an industry trendsetter that wants to use digital technology to add to customer value. We are committed to helping them with our skill set,” says Linna.

The portal offers much more than your regular breakdown of subscriptions and bills. It’s a comprehensive and versatile data interface with a desirable design that keeps track of your household’s utility rates and energy consumption. It also offers you an interactive user experience that can be evolved into your personal and proactive energy efficiency coach.

The personal energy coach comes in the shape of setting and adjusting personalized consumption alerts, electricity market price watches, and almost real-time energy consumption surveying.

The portal is also integrated with weather services and district heating systems. Customer with solar, wind, or water microgeneration plant is provided with the possibility of attaching their production devices to Väppi for real-time production monitoring.

Customer experience comes first

“We set up the AWS cloud architecture as well as Cognito and SSO tools to guarantee first-class customer experience. What’s even more fascinating is that with Väppi, Väre brings an up-sell channel to the pocket of every regular client. All this is first and foremost the result of meticulous design,” Linna smiles.

Väppi also helps you keep track of your bills and offers reference information: the service will tell you if you’re using three percent less energy than last week.

Battle against boredom

Väppi is being constantly developed to better monitor energy consumption and to make use of IoT applications in the future. However, the most important component is the team and client’s work and effort for customer experience. The mission is to turn your boring domestic infrastructure into a dynamic and individual quest toward wiser and greener consumption. And because this is done with a pleasant and clear design and a pleasant tone of voice, customers will be sure to return to the service.

Henri Ihalainen, CDO, Väre

"The Väppi mobile app has been very well received by our customers. We are very pleased with the service Houston has provided us."

Henri Ihalainen

CDO, Väre
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