Content Management Systems (CMS)

Headless Content Management System (CMS), Contentful

Content is king. Technology platforms alone without quality content do not create value. Content management solutions are therefore designed to serve content creators and make content production and distribution as easy, fast, and hassle-free as possible.

Content management solutions are platforms on which a content producer produces/stores content and then publishes it on selected channels, such as websites or other digital channels. In addition to content, the systems can be integrated with other peripheral systems (e.g. e-commerce, DAM solutions, etc.), allowing the service to leverage the strengths of each in the best possible way. In addition to plain text content, a CMS solution can easily manage digital assets (e.g. images, videos, and attachments) and facilitate their distribution to the desired channels in an automated way.

We offer our customers a selected range of the best CMS technologies on the market, which we always personalize to the individual needs of each customer.

Contentful - a modern content management system (headless CMS)

Contentful is a modern Content Management System (CMS) that enables truly omnichannel content publishing, personalized content and customer experience, agile e-commerce connectivity, and other digital-first capabilities. It is the easiest and fastest way to manage and publish content across channels.

Contentful is extremely easy to integrate with other systems (e.g. e-commerce, DAM, CRM, etc.), creating endless flexibility and possibilities for building digital experiences.

Create digital experiences faster

Contentful helps digital teams create, deliver and serve content across all channels instantly. Launch new digital products, build new channels and conquer new markets with a content platform that grows with your business.

SEO-friendly content creation

In Contentful, front-end technology is separate, making it easy to update and change as web technologies evolve. With customizable maintenance tools and inheritable data, content producers can speed up their work and be guided toward producing SEO-friendly and accessible pages.

Examples of channels:

  • Websites

  • Online stores

  • Portals

  • (Mobile) applications

  • Print

Contentful in a nutshell:

  • Publishing content to all channels and in all languages centrally from a single point of service.

  • Content is stored in a platform that is independent of the publishing channel.
    Content can be seamlessly distributed to any technology
    Supports accessible and brand-compliant content production

  • Includes many off-the-shelf integrations with peripheral systems (e.g. front-end technologies, e-commerce, DAM/CDN services, etc.), saving time and budget.

  • Content production is fast and effortless
    Simplified editor tool designed to meet individual needs 
    No need to understand code
    The content producer no longer has to be responsible for visualizing the content, but can concentrate on the message alone
    Styles and formatting can be handled automatically in publishing channels
    One single place to produce content for all channels

Accelerate your digital operations with Contenful

Scale seamlessly

Grow your digital and content operations with a global enterprise-ready platform that meets compliance and security standards.

Build efficiently

Deliver multi-channel experiences with modern microservices applications.

Adapt to business needs

Increase flexibility with a content management system that enables custom workflows, while integrating seamlessly with other services.

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