Design and Innovation services

Design services

To create innovation in the interlinked world, we need to look beyond business problems and be also curious about what employees, customers, and other parties struggle with and need in the future.

We solve complex customer challenges with a tolerance for unknowns and a curiosity toward the end customer. That’s why we have a drive for creativity, co-creation, and collaboration. This is also the core of the design mindset.

In business innovation, we help our clients to create new business models and services by introducing the design mindset. We do it with different methods and tools to courage our clients to be creative and conceptualize their services from their customers' point of view.

In service design, we conceptualize customers' total experience – services that combine business vision and goals, customer experience, and employee experience.

In digital product design, we focus on introducing more iterative and customer-centric ways of developing our services. This involves UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design as well as usability studies to make the products as wonderful to use as they look and feel.

Our Design services include

Business innovation

We bring customer study insight into strategic decision-making by identifying new business opportunities that respond to both the customers’ needs and the company’s strategic goals.

Service innovation

Our human-centered approach places equal value on the customer experience and the business process, aiming to create quality experiences, and seamless service delivery.

Digital product innovation

We create evidence-based design innovations between end-users and products. Innovations are driven by user study results that help make the right decisions for a seamless experience.

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