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Headless CMS is a marketer's best friend

Headless CMS is a future-proof content management system that ensures an efficient and personalized omnichannel content strategy.

Today, companies have a ton of different channels to deliver content: websites, apps (iOS, Android), portals, info screens, etc. Whereas a traditional CMS publishes content to one fixed channel (such as a website), a headless CMS is a truly multi-channel content management system that publishes to every channel at once.

With Headless CMS, you can publish new launches and campaigns faster, manage your brand better and more systematically, and save time and hassle by not having to publish content to each site separately.

Here are some of the reasons why our technology partner Contentful's headless CMS is so useful for marketers:

1. Scalability and omnichannel capability

One of the biggest benefits of Headless CMS is its flexibility. Because the backend system and user interface layer are separate, marketers can create the same and customized content for different channels in one place, to where it will best reach and resonate with different audiences. This leads to more relevant content and better conversions.

For omnichannel businesses, headless CMS is often the best solution. As a content producer, I can think of nothing more frustrating than copying the same content separately for different channels when you can do it all at once. The risk of error is reduced and updating content becomes easy as it only needs to be updated in one place while the content is updated in all places.

2. Scheduling of campaigns and content

In Contentful, each piece of content can be scheduled separately. If a contact's phone number changes, it is updated everywhere by just updating one module. For example, if a new person joins your company, their contact details can be scheduled for the site in advance.

With Contentful's Launch feature, you can create campaigns, i.e. schedule a large amount of content to be published in one single place.

3. Modularity & Flexibility

In Headless CMS, pages are made up of modules, which can be used to assemble any number of different pages in a drag-and-drop fashion, like a jigsaw puzzle. Modules can also be easily scheduled and reused on different pages. Page templates can be flexibly created from modules using different content types. In addition, content modules that have already been created can be easily reused on any page. For example, if you want to add company locations in multiple places, you can just reuse the same module everywhere.

4. Easy reuse of content

In a traditional CMS system, content is usually tied to a specific page or template, making it difficult to reuse the content across different channels and devices. With Headless CMS on the other hand, content can be easily reused in different contexts without having to create it from scratch. This saves marketers time and effort while ensuring consistency across channels and touchpoints.

5. Easy management of language versions

One of the best things about Headless CMS is the ease of managing different language versions. All language versions are updated in the same view, so all languages can be updated at once. In a traditional CMS, different language versions have their own pages, so updating different language versions is time-consuming, tedious, and easily forgotten.

6. Easy integration with other systems

A major advantage of Headless CMS is its easy integration with other systems and technologies. Marketers can integrate their content with other marketing tools they use, such as analytics platforms, email marketing software, and social media management tools. By integrating these systems, marketers can gain deeper insights into how their content is performing and make informed decisions on how to optimize it for better results. In addition, Contentful offers a wide range of ready-made integrations.

7. A future-proof content strategy

Marketing tools and trends are constantly evolving and marketers need to stay on the cutting edge of technologies and trends. Headless CMS adapts easily and agilely to new technologies, so marketers can be confident that their content strategy will remain relevant and effective despite constant digital evolution.

To summarise, Headless CMS is a marketer's best friend because of its many synergies. It is flexible, scalable, allows easy reuse of content, integrates easily with other systems, and is future-proof in the face of accelerating digital evolution. As a marketer, if you want to provide the best possible content experience, headless CMS is worth considering.

Oona Andriasjan, Marketing Manager

Oona Andriasjan

Marketing Manager
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